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Journey to Inner Freedom

By Tricia Antoniuk, MSW, RSW What I love about the Satir model is that while it has helped me be a more effective therapist, it has also helped me on my own journey to inner freedom and peace. I look back at my own inner experience of believing I was not enough and not being […]

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To Be Near… I can know who I am and you can know who you are but we can only know each other through our interaction our eyes, our words, our movements, our smell, the sensations that come over our bodies when we are near… I am not who you think I am and you […]

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Satir Family Therapy

It began with choosing a theoretical orientation My journey with the Satir model began at the beginning of grad school. For the first semester, I had to write a paper for a potential theoretical orientation. At the time, I had no idea what my theoretical orientation would be. I literally just started! The only thing […]

Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy

It Started in Idaho By Amanda Poffenberger Over the years when my friends or family members inquired about my participation in STST trainings in Canada, I would tell them about my first job as a therapist out of graduate school. I was 24 years old at the time, and I had just moved to Idaho […]

When the body speaks its wisdom…

By Mary Leslie, BA, MSW, RCSW I vividly recall sitting in my kitchen, many years ago, when my entire body started to vibrate inside wildly.  At the time, my 3 month old son was in intensive care at Health Centre for Children, and I didn’t stop to consider what the feeling meant.  I just knew […]

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I want growth I want more, more of me I want connection I want more, more of me I want passion I want more, more of me Fueled by a fierce desire I choose to let go of certainty I choose courage I choose curiosity I choose to journey deep within I choose to begin […]

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Accepting My Son as A Teenager

One evening after a conflict with my son I decided that I better deal with my own anger. I brought my focus onto myself and went through my own iceberg process. What came up was not what I expected, but it sure changed our relationship! I could feel being angry and the blaming that came […]

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Satir – More than a Model

By Lyla Harman, BSW, MSW, RSW I hope to share my personal, professional and healing journey in being fully human. To do this, I intend to start from the beginning sharing significant moments which shaped my development, then explore my intrinsic beliefs and values and end with how we can be fully human using Viriginia […]

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The Art and Science of Self-Care

By Teresa McLellan I find it quite interesting and “almost” humorous that I committed to writing a blog about self-care and then could not find the time to actually write it! While I am getting much, much better at taking good care of ME, I still have too many unrealistic expectations, push myself too hard […]

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Reflections on Satir

By Jennifer Barrett, MSW, RSW, RCC Recently, I was asked to reflect on my experience with Satir.  To my surprise, I realized that it has been more than 25 years since I was introduced to Virginia Satir and her teachings, through a course based on “The New People Making”. I had returned to university as […]