SIP Training Programs are provided by professional trainers who have extensive experience teaching the Satir Model in a variety of settings.   All of our programs are experiential with an emphasis on personal and professional application of the learning through practicing and exploring Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy throughout the training.


SIP Trainer

Anne Morrison, is a Registered Social Worker, MSW, RSW, and experienced Satir trainer, supervisor, and therapist.  Her career spans 50 years and includes work within family counselling, mental health, education, hospice, and various community settings.

Anne has provided therapeutic services, counsellor training, and clinical supervision to an international client base that includes Canada, USA, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. As a trainer with the Satir Institute of the Pacific, Anne has taught both Level I and II programs in Canada and New Zealand for the past 15 years, as well as a variety of other Satir workshops.

Anne earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Psychology from Pomona College, in Claremont, California and received a National Institute of Mental Health Fellowship to complete her Masters in Social Work degree from the University of Washington School of Social Work in Seattle Washington. She has regularly upgraded her professional skills through numerous Satir Model trainings over the past 20 years.

Anne has been both a Board member and Director of Membership for the Satir Institute of the Pacific, and she co facilitates the Vancouver Island Satir Network. Anne is a clinical member and Training Directorate member of the Satir Institute of the Pacific.  She is also a member of the BC College of Clinical Social Workers and the BC Association of Social Workers.

Anne’s clinical counselling practice is based in Chemainus, BC and she conducts her sessions by zoom or Face Time.



Director of Program Development, SIP Trainer

Linda J. Lucas, Licensed Clinical Professional Counsellor, MA, LCPC, LPC, has extensive training in Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy.  Linda is a counselor and an enthusiastic, experienced trainer.  She provides trainings for professionals, teachers, educators, staff, and families working with at-risk adolescents, attachment issues, addictions, couples, families, grief and loss, and self-care.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Sangamon State University in Springfield, Illinois, USA, and earned a Master of Arts in Human Developmental Counselling at the University of Illinois, Springfield, Illinois, USA.

Linda is Program Director, Clinical member, a member of the Satir Institute of the Pacific Training Directorate, and a trainer for the Institute.  She is an approved senior trainer and faculty for the Banmen Satir China Management Center.  Linda has an on-line private practice providing clinical supervision, and therapy to individuals, families, and couples. Linda traveled throughout the world conducting Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy workshops and programs, until COVID19. Now she conducts  her work on-line. In addition, Linda provides Soul Contact/past life regressions.


Director of Trainer Development, SIP Trainer

Jennifer Nagel, MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor and Approved Clinical Supervisor (RCC-ACS) has extensive training in the Satir Model and has been leading trainings for a diversity of groups and programs including therapists, educators, community groups, at-risk adolescents, therapeutic programs, non-profit organizations and corporate groups. She has presented many workshops and training programs internationally, and works regularly in Canada, China, and Kenya. Jennifer is a member of the British Columbia Association for Clinical Counsellors, the International Family Therapy Association, the Virginia Satir Global Network and a clinical member of the Satir Institute of the Pacific (SIP). She is the Director of Trainer Development for the Satir Institute of the Pacific (SIP), and on faculty as a senior trainer for the Banmen Satir China Management Centre.  Jennifer also works with individuals, couples, families and youth in private practice, and provides clinical supervision to other therapists. She is the author of “Magic in the Muck: Finding Grace in Chaos” and is passionate about teaching Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy programs around the world.


SIP Trainer

Anastacia Lundholm is currently an active trainer for Satir Institute of the Pacific, Yinghe Satir Happiness Academy in Xiamen, China; the Satir Association of Thailand in Bangkok; and associate faculty with Banmen Satir China Management Center.

She has 25 years’ experience working with the body’s rhythms in transformation. She has taught thousands of people to connect to their body wisdom and use it for growth. Her work has taken her to 17 countries on the continents of North America, Europe, South America, Australia and Asia. She has served diverse populations in special projects including US military veterans and children rescued from the sex trade.

Anastacia has studied with Satir Institute of the Pacific since 2005. The Satir Model has become a way of life and a source of joy and fulfillment.

Her SIP Advanced Level trainings on integrating use of the body into the therapeutic process began in 2013. Beginning in 2018 she has been part of an ongoing Satir writing group meeting with John Banmen on the use of the body and its energy in the Satir Model. Their first book is in process and expected to launch next spring.

Anastacia also brings the Satir Model to other healing facilitators in professional coaching and in practicums designed to enhance their effective interactions with clients towards congruence and transformation.


Director of Training, SIP Trainer

Tricia Antoniuk has been a counsellor for more than 25 years and has worked in a variety of settings: with people with disabilities, women who experienced trauma and abuse, people in the queer / LGBTQ2S community, youth, adults, the elderly, people struggling with health issues, and people with mental health struggles. She loves using Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy because it is intuitive, creative and life giving.

Tricia has a Master of Social Work degree from the University of British Columbia and is a Registered Social Worker with the BC College of Social Workers. She has a private practice in Fort Langley and is a Clinical Member of the Satir Institute of the Pacific.

Tricia has been a small group facilitator and Assistant Trainer with the Satir Institute of the Pacific for many years. She is the Director of Training for SIP and is actively involved in promoting training using Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy.


Training Director Emeritus

The first time Dr. John Banmen met Virginia Satir was in Manitoba, Canada in June 1970.  He began helping professional therapeutic practitioners in the Satir Model with Virginia Satir at the annual month long Process Communities she held at Crested Butte, Colorado in the 1980s.  This led him to become training Director of the first established Satir Institute.  It was called the Northwest Satir Institute with members in Washington State and British Columbia.  In 1998 he was one of the founding members of the Satir Institute of the Pacific and became its first Director of Training, developing and teaching programs and mentoring Trainers for the next fifteen years.

In the meantime, John had begun his lifelong mission of bringing Satir Training to many parts of the world including South America, Europe and many countries in Asia.  This has resulted in students from around the world coming to the Satir Institute of the Pacific Intensive Residential Programs and members of the Institute in BC becoming trainers in many of those countries as well as India and Kenya.  In later years, John has concentrated his efforts in China where he has built up a large network of Institutes, trainers and training programs

Virginia Satir said that John was the person who understood and conceptualized what she did intuitively leading to their collaboration with Jane Gerber and Maria Gomori in the publication of The Satir Model, Family Therapy and Beyond in 1991.  The book remains the seminal source for understanding the framework of the Satir Model.  John’s encouragement, full mentorship and coaxing has enabled many colleagues in BC and around the world to publish articles in the Satir Journal (2006-13) and in several books that he has edited such as Applications of the Satir Growth Model (2006), In Her Own Words…Virginia Satir (2008), and Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy (2008).  More recently he has published a third book of Guided Meditations and Inspirations by Virginia Satir (2020) and co-authored with Sharon Loeschen a book entitled, Simple but Profound: Sayings of Virginia Satir (2020).

It is now over thirty years since Virginia Satir died in 1988 and her legacy lives on today in Universities, Training Institutes, Counselling Centres and Therapists offices in many parts of the world.  The Satir Model is not static, its core values are being developed and adapted to fit many different contexts.  This is in no small measure due to the work and efforts of Dr. John Banmen and those he has trained to continue this important work.

The Satir Institute and its members are grateful for the many various gifts he has given each of us and wish to honour him with the title of ‘Training Director Emeritus’.