To Be Near…

I can know who I am
and you can know who you are
but we can only know each other through
our interaction
our eyes, our words, our movements, our smell, the sensations that come
over our bodies when we are near…

I am not who you think I am

and you are not who I think you are

what we create when we touch our souls
is something different than either of us
it is something that exists only in that moment
it is a transcendence of anything we might be able to imagine on our own
it is always a surprise
it is always a gift
one moment in time given to us
not to be experienced again
the alchemy of life
the alchemy of spirit
witnesses of magic we are
privy to unknown experience
the essence of shared love…


sometimes I might look down
or move to the side
getting lost in who I think I am
and then I glance up
and in your eyes see a glimmer
of that shared dance we do
and I choose to let go
and allow
and find myself once again in that space unimagined
allowing new universes to unfold
allowing my heart to open even greater
allowing hope to entertain my body and mind…


there are other times
when before I glance up again
fear resides in my heart
it tangles me and tricks me with its wicked words
holding me back from expanse
keeping me trembling in my little boots
and I am not looking up
I still don’t know who I am
nor you either
but to meet and reveal I am shy
to be vulnerable to love
to that new unknown moment of experience
to be brave to my sparkle
to believe and know that it is ok
even in all that space
all that space where the mind reaches and grabs for knowing
for knowing me
and it is still unknown
in those agonizingly long moments that my eyes are still glancing down
it is all still unknown.
And so once again I choose life
and the opportunity for our truth to be revealed.

Copyright Jennifer Ott 2009