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You can find a variety of Satir Teachings and Meditations by Satir Members on our YouTube Channel Satir Institute of the Pacific

Satir Institute of the Pacific Community of Support Meetings

2024-05-03 “Virginia Satir’s Evolving Legacy: Transformative Therapy with a Body-Mind Connection.” A Collaboration of Contemporary Practitioners
2023-10-27 “Using our Heart Energy”with Anastacia Lundholm
2023-06-23 Celebrating Community and Connection with Gratitude with Linda Lucas, MA, LCPC, LPC
2023-05-26 “Resolving Inner Conflict Using Parts Party” with Hettie Youhong Tu, MSW
2023-04-21 “Satir, Soul and Money” with Linda Lucas, MA, LCPC, LPC
2023-03-24 “Mindfulness & Self compassion: How Self-Esteem moves into Self-Compassion” with Gilles Beaudry
2022-07-29 “Finding the Still Point: The Satir Model within, between and among a Body/Energy based practice” with Julie Gerhardt, PT
2022-06-24 “A Satir Inspired Approach to Powerful Self Care” with Anne Lindyberg, MS. LMHC
2022-05-27 “In search of Virginia: an exploration of becoming fully human through the study of Virginia Satir’s life and work” with Tim Sitt, MSW, RSW
2022-04-29 Widening our Lens, Deepening our Practice: An exploration, using an energy lens, of Virginia Satir’s practice and teachings  with Mary Leslie, RSW
2022-03-18 Being Gay (or Trans or Lesbian or Bisexual or…) in a Straight World with Tricia Antoniuk, MSW, RSW
2022-02-25 The Consciousness of Satir is Alive and an Integral Part of the Evolution of Today with Leona Flamand Gallant
2022-01-28 Applying the Satir Process to Coaching with Sharon Loes2020-10-09 Expanding Experiences of the Iceberg with Jennnifer Nagel, MA, RCCchen
2021-11-19 The Importance and Power of Expressive Arts in the Satir Model with Dr. Nitza Broide-Miller, Dr. Beth Nemesh and Ofra River
2021-10-08 At this Moment in Time with Wendy Lum, RCC, RMFT2020-05-15 Exploring Yearnings with Linda Lucas, MA, LCPC, LPC
2021-09-10 How to access the Hidden Shameful Parts of Self Through the use of Figurines in the Sand Tray with Madeleine De Little, RTC, MTC, RCS, Ph.D.
2021-08-06 The Mandala, a Model for Teaching and Therapy with Stephen Buckbee
2021-07-09 An Indigenous and Satir Approach with Lyla Harman, MSW, RSW
2021-06-04 Re-Discovering Self: I am not broken, I AM ME with Corrinna Douglas, MACP, RCC
2021-04-23 Full Body Presence in the World of Zoom with Anastacia Lundholm, Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) Wellness Educator
2021-02-26 Moving Beyond Connection with Shelley Iberg, MA, RCC and Tricia Antoniuk, MSW, RSW
2021-01-22 Know thy SELF with Dr. Robin Beardsley
2020-11-13 Spirituality and Consciousness with Linda Lucas, MA, LCPC, LPC
2020-09-04 Yes, or No. Which is it? with Linda Lucas, MA, LCPC, LPC
2020-08-07 The Self Esteem Maintenance Kit with Jennifer Nagel, MA, RCC
2020-07-10 Self Esteem and the connection to Congruence with Linda Lucas, MA, LCPC, LPC
2020-06-26 Roles and Identity through the Satir Lens with Jennifer Nagel, MA, RCC
2020-06-19 Four Births in the Satir Model with Linda Lucas, MA, LCPC, LPC
2020-06-05 Your Many Faces with Linda Lucas, MA, LCPC, LPC
2020-05-29 Self Care through the Mandala with Jennifer Nagel, MA, RCC
2020-05-08 Satir Meta Goals: Focus on Self-Care with Jennifer Nagel, MA, RCC
2020-05-01 Unmet Expectations Using the Satir Model with Anne Morrison, MSW, RSW
2020-04-17 Stages of Change with Linda Lucas, MA, LCPC, LPC

Other Online Links

A podcast by Dr. Carlos – A psychology professor tries to unravel the human mind providing personal insight and expert analysis from experts around the world.  In this podcast Dr. John Banmen and Jennifer Nagel, MA, RCC discuss Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy and Virginia Satir

This short presentation was organized by VSGN with a SIP member Lyla Harman on “Satir and the Indigenous Approach”

This is a short interview with Dr. John Banmen in Sept 2022 about his career and work with Virginia Satir, as well as thoughts about the Satir Model around the world (especially China) today.

A podcast hosted by Sharon Loeschen with Tricia Antoniuk, MSW, RSW and Linda Lucas, MA, LCPC, LPC discussing the Satir Model and Satir training

Jennifer Nagel, MA, RCC is the Director of Trainer Development for the Satir Institute of the Pacific.  She has a private practice as a therapist, is a published author and an international trainer in China, Canada and Kenya in the Satir Model and Transformational systemic therapy.  In this podcast we explore the topic of grace and finding grace in moments of chaos and overwhelm providing insights, wisdom and practices to help bring into our lives the energy of grace, gratitude, stillness and peace.  Jennifer discusses the importance of ownership of one’s feelings and responses and how empowering and grounding this can be.  Jennifer shares her experience of Virginia Satir’s work and how it brings her such joy and vitality.  She shares some advice for how to stay connected to Self during difficult times and we arrive at a beautiful idea that we are all pregnant with life and we ought to protect, nurture and live fully that life within us.

This podcast below by Freedom To Move Group interviews John Banmen, who is one of the most prominent and important teachers of the Satir Model. He is one of the co-authors of The Satir Model and is responsible for training many people around the world. John shares about first meeting and becoming friends with Virginia Satir. He shares his perspective of the value of Virginia’s work as well as his experiences working in China. In particular, he emphasized the spiritual and transcendent aspects of Virginia work. He also helped describe congruence and it’s importance as a central concept in Virginia’s teaching.

To learn more about shame with Madeleine, Danielle Braun-Kaufman, Sharon Loeschen and Teresa McLellan plus many others.  Not only is the host one of our own members Dr Madeleine Delittle but many of her guests are also members

2012 IFTA Conference with Dr. John Banmen

Jim Edwards, a long time spiritual guru, counselor with Edgewood, and member of The Satir Institute of the Pacific shares how he has used the ‘Personal Iceberg Metaphor’ of ‘The Satir Model’ to help him and many of his patients navigate the seas of recovery.

If you are interested in more resources about Addiction and the Satir Model, check out THE ADDICTED MIND podcast by VSGN member Duane Osterlind with some of our other SIP members Teresa McLellan, Stephen Buckbee and Tim Sitt