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The Satir Institute of the Pacific is pleased to provide a variety of links of online material about the Satir Model or use of the Satir Model by other presenters.   The Satir Institute of the Pacific would be pleased to receive notification of any new material. Please send any information to

SIP Stages of Change presented at an SIP Community Meeting April 17, 2020


This podcast by Freedom To Move Group interviews John Banmen, who shares about his personal history with Virginia Satir and his perspective on what is central to the model. One idea, of many, that stands out is that beyond family therapy Virginia’s model was a model for living; how to be fully human and fully alive.


To learn more about shame with Madeleine, Danielle Braun-Kaufman, Sharon Loeschen and Teresa McLellan plus many others.  Not only is the host one of our own members Dr Madeleine Delittle but many of her guests are also members


This is a podcast about personal transformation as it relates to mental, physical and spiritual well being. The conversations are inspired by the work of Virginia Satir, the famous family therapist.  Again many speakers or guests on this show are long time members of SIP or VSGN


Jim Edwards, a long time spiritual guru, counselor with Edgewood, and member of The Satir Institute of the Pacific shares how he has used the 'Personal Iceberg Metaphor' of 'The Satir Model' to help him and many of his patients navigate the seas of recovery.

If you are interested in more resources about Addiction and the Satir Model, check out THE ADDICTED MIND podcast by VSGN member Duane Osterlind with some of our other SIP members Teresa McLellan, Stephen Buckbee and Tim Sitt

Episode 3 Explore the Amazing Work of Virginia Satir with Teresa Mclellan

Episode 7 The Satir Model And Addiction with Steven Buckbee

Episode 66 – Creating Positive Self-Connection with Tim Sitt


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