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The Satir Institute is proud to present a trio of one day programs which you can register for as a group or pick individual ones that fit your interests.  All […]

$175.00 – $550.00

Melting the Iceberg: Expanding and evolving the Satir Model through Self-Connection

Online Via Zoom

with Tim Sitt, MSW, RSW  Hosted by: Linda Lucas, MA, LPC, LCPC Sponsored by: Satir Institute of the Pacific. Most therapy models focus on one form of consciousness: emotions, cognition, behavior. Virginia’s approach included many forms of consciousness including feelings, perceptions, expectations, beliefs, meanings etc.  The iceberg metaphor has been an important tool used by […]


Lateral Kindness: Living and working within Indigenous Communities

Online Via Zoom

with Lyla Harman, MSW, RSW Hosted by Linda Lucas, MA, LCPC, LPC Sponsored by Satir Institute of the Pacific The Lateral Kindness workshop, from an Indigenous perspective, utilizes an age-old story telling journey – through meditation, vivid images and personal sharing. We will explore how Virginia Satir’s iceberg model and meta goals support healing through […]


A look at Satir’s Vehicles and Tools for Transformation

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with Stephen Buckbee, MSW Hosted by Linda Lucas, MA, LCPC, LPC Sponsored by Satir Institute of the Pacific Virginia Satir was a teacher who believed her work as a therapist […]


Transformational Use of Self

Online Via Zoom

Transformational Use of Self April 28, 29, 2023 9:00 am to 2:30 pm Pacific Time Online Via Zoom With Linda Lucas, MA, LCPC, LPC and Anne Morrison, MSW, RSW It […]

$420.00 – $440.00

Advanced Applications of the Satir Model

Bethlehem Retreat Center 2371 Arbot Road, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Advanced Applications of the Satir Model August 1 to August 9, 2023 8-day residential intensive training program Held at Bethlehem Retreat Center in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada (prerequisite: STST Level […]

$1,000.00 – $3,600.00

Foundations of Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy Part B

Online Via Zoom

This program builds on learnings and experiences from Foundations of STST Part A and adds more experience and practice with Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy (STST).  Completion of Online STST Foundations […]

$1,400.00 – $1,450.00

The Use of Sculpting In Therapy: Externalizing the Internal Dynamics

CoWorks by Elevate 20627 Fraser Highway, Langley, British Columbia

Virginia Satir often used sculpting in her work to externalize the internal dynamics of what was happening both within and between individuals.  Sculpting is a vehicle for change as it […]

$550.00 – $600.00

Freedom Through Forgiveness Can Be Yours!

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With Anne Morrison, MSW, RSW and Linda Lucas, MA, LPC, LCPC Not forgiving is a kind of soul sickness that saps our energy and keeps us from fully accessing clear […]

$500.00 – $550.00