It Started in Idaho

By Amanda Poffenberger

Over the years when my friends or family members inquired about my participation in STST trainings in Canada, I would tell them about my first job as a therapist out of graduate school. I was 24 years old at the time, and I had just moved to Idaho to start my career. I was working at a residential treatment facility when I was offered a temporary position as an interim therapist.

I gladly accepted this position and upon meeting the permanent therapist I was in awe of her work. As soon as I witnessed her conduct psychotherapy with the clients, I had to know more.

Being 24 and fresh out of graduate school, I still had lingering feelings of incompetence when working with clients. When I asked this therapist more about her sabbatical, she told me she would be teaching Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy internationally, and then she told me about STST Level I. Surely, a 10-day training would help cure my imposter syndrome.

The Level 1 training changed me forever: I made so many amazing discoveries about myself and my family. I found peace inside of me. I let go of so much shame I had been carting around. I experienced transformational change and I could literally feel myself in a different way from the inside out. My journey of personal work was taken to new heights. I walked away from that training with a different framework on how healing takes places in therapy. I no longer needed to have all the answers for my clients, I didn’t have to have a perfect grasp on any theoretical orientation, I just needed to bring more of myself to my clients.

My STST Level I certificate hangs on my wall next to my diploma to remind me of the inspiration, strength and hope I received in those 10 days. When I am feeling down or blue, I remind myself to get in-touch with my life energy or tap into my resources. I continue to strive to be the most expanded version of mySelf in this process of never ending self-creation.

Rampage of Appreciation

I am gentle on myself

I breath more deeply

The universe always takes care of me

I love following my intuition

I don’t mind sleeping on my decisions

I know that I’ll never get it done

People who come to me are on my wavelength

When I breathe deeply it tastes good

I love my body

I appreciate how comforting my environment is

People are uplifted in my presence

I can feel energy flow through my body

Everything is unfolding perfectly

I see the value in others

I belong

I want more

I am ready

I love focusing

Music ripples through my body when I allow it

I am worthy

I am loved

All is well