I want growth

I want more, more of me

I want connection

I want more, more of me

I want passion

I want more, more of me

Fueled by a fierce desire

I choose to let go of certainty

I choose courage

I choose curiosity

I choose to journey deep within

I choose to begin

I uncover forgotten memories

I uncover old pain

I uncover deep sorrow

I uncover delight

I uncover compassion

I uncover self-acceptance

I uncover joy

I uncover love

I uncover more, more of me

In deep stillness and wordless wonder

I honor all that I’ve discovered

I accept all that I’ve reclaimed

I am simply more, more of who I already was

In stillness and love

I am now present

I am now ready

I am now able to see you,

I am now able to see you and ALL that You are!



Level 2 Summer Residential 2017

Posted on January 29, 2018 by Cindi
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