April 27, 2019 - April 28, 2019

Back to You Counselling and Wellness 1970 Main Road, Nanaimo, BC



WITH Anne Morrison, MSW, RSW

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Not forgiving is a kind of soul sickness

that saps our energy and keeps us from fully accessing clear Life Energy to fuel our walks in life.  It represents a kind of stuckness which is fuelled by our anger, disappointment, fears, and pain which block our healing and growth.  Our injuries drain our spirit with great costs to our physical, emotional and spiritual health.  They also keep us from being fully present with our clients who struggle with their pain from not forgiving.

This workshop will emphasize the freedom that is yours

through full acceptance of where you are in the forgiveness journey and experiencing ways to heal the impacts of your pain that keep preventing you from experiencing full forgiveness of your Self and others.  Your transformational healing will enable you to transcend the most hurtful of circumstances.  Your freedom will then enable you to re-claim your inner vitality and release any lingering bitterness, shame, guilt, or fears. You will emerge feeling much more fully alive!

What you will take away from the workshop/retreat:

  • A much clearer understanding of all that is required to ultimately forgive from the inside out, weeding out external expectations which cloud your confidence that this is possible;
  • Experientially learning a crystallized 5 phased- Forgiveness Model which you will be able to delve into deeply and apply to your own walk in life, as well as your walk with your clients;
  • A new understanding of the depth and nuances within each phase, and the importance of allowing each phase to breathe, so that it can be fully addressed without prematurely short circuiting the healing path;
  • A step by step process to build and anchor a new inner foundation that can be relied on to guide your continued self empowerment;
  • A new understanding of therapeutic ways to heal the inner world of those who define themselves as the victim, and/or the abuser;
  • A new sense of Freedom within each step of your healing process and how to anchor the same for your clients; AND
  • Your own workbook which includes all the teaching materials for further reference

Freedom through Forgiveness Workshop Fees

Fees include tuition, lunch, coffee and snacks
April 27, 28, 2019 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Pre-requisite Level 1 TST using the Satir Model training

Early Bird to March 15, 2019
SIP Members $300
Non Members $325

After March 15, 2019
SIP Members $325
Non Members $350

Cancellation Policy:

Before April 5, 2019 refunds minus a $50 administration fee.  After April 5, 2019 there are no refunds.

Freedom through Forgiveness April 27, 28, 2019

For more info or to register by phone contact:
Satir Institute of the Pacific
Cindi Mueller