We hope our new website is now easier to navigate and access on multiple platforms.  Registration for our programs and events can now be done directly on line.

The Satir Institute of the Pacific, since its inception as a non-profit Society in 1998 in British Columbia and a registered Charity with Revenue Canada, has developed a consistent reputation for providing dynamic, experiential training programs, building on the work of pioneer family therapist, Virginia Satir (1916 – 1988). Our programs of Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy (STST) are attracting professionals from around the world.   Our cadre of experienced  trainers are also in demand to present programs for other Satir Institutes and agencies in multiple locations in Asia , Africa, New Zealand, Europe and, of course, Canada and North America.

The website provides opportunities to learn about the Satir Model and its effectiveness in bringing about lasting internal personal change.  We invite you to participate and register for our professional and personal growth programs and workshops, to access membership information and activities and, to purchase Satir related resources and products from our office located in Surrey, BC.

We are inviting all our Satir colleagues from around the world and those who want to learn more about the Satir Model to come and join us at our exciting International Satir Conference: “Becoming More Fully Human: The Evolution” to be held in Surrey, BC, Canada in June 2016 to celebrate the development, continued relevance and research that supports the Satir Model.  There will be a fun Gala Dinner  to celebrate what would have been Virginia Satir’s 100th birthday.


Posted by Michael Callaghan, President, Satir Institute of the Pacific  – Feb 16th, 2015