Family Reconstruction Using the Satir Model

June 9, 2018 - June 10, 2018

Phoenix Center, 13686-94A Avenue, Surrey, BC V3V 1N1


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Family Reconstruction Using the Satir Model

Sponsored by the Satir Institute of the Pacific

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Family reconstruction is a process by which the client has the opportunity to re-experience the impact of her family of origin in order to find the unfinished business they are still carrying and resolve that impact so that it no longer has a cost for them in the present.  The client experiences transformational change so that they not only behave differently, but has different feelings, perceptions and expectations of them-self and their family, is able to fulfill their yearnings in new ways and has more of a connection with their deepest Self.

The interventions used in family reconstruction include the three-generational family map, sculpting family members, experiential awareness, accepting what was, changing unmet expectations, re-framing perceptions, changing feelings, meeting yearnings, accepting resources, accepting family members, and forgiving self and others.  The client’s transformation leads to new congruence and freedom.

This is not a workshop about family reconstruction; this is a therapeutic family reconstruction with a client.  The client for this day is working towards more self-acceptance and resolving the impact of specific events from her childhood.

* Participants will possibly be invited to participate in the family reconstruction by representing a family member in the sculpts.  In the family reconstruction process, three generations of the star’s family will be sculpted so that generational patterns and impacts can be resolved and resources can be appreciated and celebrated.

It is the hope of the Satir Institute of the Pacific that a cohesive group will be established of interested people who can support each other in completing each other’s family reconstructions.  In this way, a family reconstruction could be held every 2 months.  Six people could have their family reconstruction done in one year.

Family Reconstructionwith Kathlyne Maki-Banmen, MA, RCC
Individual, Couple and Family Counsellor





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Family Reconstruction - June 9, 10, 2018

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