“The Power and the Potential” – 3 One Day Programs

May 6, 2022 - June 3, 2022

Online Via Zoom


"The Power and the Potential"

Join Linda Lucas and Anne Morrison at one or all of our 3 Day Wonder Programs

Fridays May 6, May 13 and June 3, 2022

via Zoom

5.5 hours of Continuing Education Unit/Hours are available from
Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) for each workshop
or a total of 16.5 CEU for all three.

The Satir Institute is proud to present a trio of one day programs which you can register for as a group or pick individual ones that fit your interests.  All programs are designed to help you delve into your inner worlds and clear what might be keeping you from experiencing true inner peace.  Join Linda Lucas and Anne Morrison as they guide you through processes which will enable you to feel freer, more confident, and grounded in your own beautiful essence.

This is a personal growth program open to anyone who would like to enrich their life experience with more inner peace

May 6, 2022
The Power and Potential of Expectations and Beliefs

Life is constantly changing and our old ways of organizing our lives are then forced to shift and adapt! Join us as we explore the different textures, layers, and inner lives of our expectations: of ourselves, of others and how we relate to what others expect of us.  Learn how each expectation is based on beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world at large.  This program provides the chance to unpack what is holding our various expectations and beliefs together in order to ensure that they are built on a positive foundation that frees us to be who we are in this world so we can continue to thrive and grow through our new situations.

May 13, 2022
The Power and Potential of our Family Rules

Family values and family rules guide our choices, and our decisions.  Often our family rules are hidden below the surface of our consciousness, and we tend to take them into every aspect of life.

Join us as we dive below the surface of our conscious awareness into the light, wisdom, and intuition of our adult present moments to make choices around old family rules.  Find the freedom to Be you and know what you need and want for yourself in this moment. We know the impact of obeying and rebelling against old family rules decreases our self-esteem, and limits our true essence of being who we truly are.  This program will provide opportunities for you to transform how you have internalized certain rules so that you have more freedom for Being and expressing your beautiful self!

June 3, 2022
Aligning with our Inner Source: Rediscovering HOME

We all have a “hidden wholeness” and positive essence which can get diminished or tarnished through all of our efforts to survive in this world.  Join us as we experience how to energetically amplify our natural inner Light through processes to help us get back to center, to our positive inner core, in the middle of the chaos in our lives.  You will experience more of your inner resources and gifts that are always available to you when you tune into your inner essence. That lovely feeling of returning “Home”.

Program Outline:

9 AM-2:30 PM with half an hour for lunch
Welcome; introductions; hopes for the day; meditation and processing
Lecturette #1
Dyad processing on the Lecturette
Demonstration session – getting to your experience of the topic and what it surfaces; what you want to work on in this session etc. So that expectations, for example, can shift to hopes and wishes etc.
Dyad processing
Whole group processing
½ hour lunch
Review – puzzles
Dyad Exploration sessions with each other
Whole group processing
Closing - What will you take away from the day?

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Individual Workshop $200

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SIP Professional and Clinical Members
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Cancellation Policy:

No Refunds 10 days prior to workshop start.

For More Information Contact:
Cindi Mueller, Administrator
Satir Institute of the Pacific