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The Wisdom Within

By Tonda Chin, MS, Licensed Professional Counselor   February, 14, 2017 “We are stars wrapped in skin.  The light you are seeing has always been within.” Unknown   Virginia Satir, you always knew this. You saw things through the eyes of Love.  You called forth the best in people with your gift of seeing that […]

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My Journey with the Satir Model and How it led to Neuroscience and Satir in the Sand Tray

by Madeleine De Little, RTC, MTC, RCS, M.Sc. Ph. D. Cand. Madeleine has been a school counsellor for nearly 30 years and in private practice for 15 of those years. She has recently retired form the school system to focus on her private practice and her training therapists all over the world in her new […]

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The Perfect Chameleon

By Corrinna Douglas, MA, RCC Waiting with anticipation for the New Year to come, meant I could say good-bye to the previous year and completely forget about it; good-riddance and I’m never looking back!  I had come accustom, and quite accepting, in believing that the best place for sadness, hurt, pain and challenge was in […]

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Reaching Out to my Home Community

by Anne Morrison, BA, MSW, RSW, is a professional counsellor and therapist registered with the BC College of Social Workers. Her private practice focuses on personal, relationship and family healing.  She can be reached at 250 324 5521, or annemorrison@shaw.ca.  Website:  www.annemorrison.ca When my husband Hugh and I re-located back to Vancouver Island 7 years […]

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The Journey Home: Transforming My Relationship with Fear

by Jennifer Nagel, MA, RCC  www.jennifernagelcounselling.com November 20, 2016 I used to think that Fear was not such a great emotion to have – I mean, it certainly didn’t FEEL good to have all of that visceral experience driving me to run away and hide.  I worked really hard to avoid fear-provoking situations…..although you may […]

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The Self…I AM

By Linda Lucas, MA, LCPC published October 24, 2016 The Satir Model has allowed me, encouraged me, and challenged me to know myself intimately. Intimately meaning a level where I know myself at the deepest core of who I am. This level of intimacy requires the greatest amount of trust with my Self. I am […]

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BEING ME: an I AM experience

by Teresa McLellan, May 15, 2016 Last month I had the pleasure of travelling to Hawaii for the International Family Therapy Association World Congress and while there were many beautiful and exciting things from that trip that I could write about, I wanted to share with you the opportunity it gave me to slow down, […]

The Problem is not the Problem, Coping is the Problem

Connecting to my Humanness by Robin Beardsley, March 5 2016 As I bring more meditation into my life. I am reminded that this is an experience. Once I am distracted into thoughts or feelings I am into my survival energy, my thinking brain or consciousness. I am not in the now.  I can gently bring […]

Becoming Human: The Core of the Satir Model

By Angie Dairou, Destination Human February 10, 2016 There was a time in my life where I was determined to fix myself. I was sure that if I could fix my shortcomings that I would never feel negative emotions again. Yep, healing through control. I would say that you should try it sometime except for […]

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Welcome to our redesigned website

We hope our new website is now easier to navigate and access on multiple platforms.  Registration for our programs and events can now be done directly on line. The Satir Institute of the Pacific, since its inception as a non-profit Society in 1998 in British Columbia and a registered Charity with Revenue Canada, has developed […]

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